The lake and peninsula BOROUGH's
CoVID 19 response has been strong

A message from Mayor Glen Alsworth, Sr.

Dear Friends and Neighbors. If there were a single word,
I could use to describe 2020, it would be uncertainty. Uncertainty regarding just what this unseen threat actually was...How to deal with the possibility of an epidemic in our villages...The effectiveness of wearing protective gear...Hospital capacity...and the list goes on. Read on...


The Spanish Flu entered Alaska in 1918 following the steamship route from Seattle up through the Southeast Panhandle and into Prince William Sound. The first cases appeared sometime in the fall and things quickly got worse from there.

The virus next came into Nome and the Seward Peninsula at freeze-up just after the last steamship departed.

The rapid spread of the disease overwhelmed all efforts to control it. A person often died within days, if not hours, after infection.

The territory’s emergency funds were quickly exhausted, but Governor Thomas Riggs, hoping Congress would later reimburse the territory, authorized officials to continue to treat the sick, bury the dead and care for the growing number of children orphaned by the Flu. Read On...